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Current Raffle:

Chris Kyle Raffle

Chris Kyle raffle winners are as follows and these are the weapons that were chosen.

1)Thomas Curley, Texarkana TX Mcmillan 338 Lapua

2)John Keel, Alberquerque NM, GA precision MK13 300 win Mag

3)Tony Burkes TAB Gear, Bandera TX Larue OBR 7.62

4)Daniel Isaacson, Greenwood IN Larue OBR 5.56

5)Michael Freeland Oklahoma City, OK Sig Sauer pistol


Winning tickets were drawn by Taya Kyle and Debbie"Momma"Leigh.


Previous Raffle Winners

Kestrel AB was won by Jeffery D of North Hollywood, CA

PDC Custom .338 Lapua Rifle Raffle was won by Matt B. of Boise, ID.

 Gen 4 chassis was won by Charles M. of San Diego, CA.

Gen 3 chassis was won by Eric S. of Coeur d Alene ID

KABAR knife was won by Ed L. of Riverview, FL.

All In Rifle Raffle was won by Brian G. of Colorado Springs, CO

31 Souls Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 15 Rifle Raffle II was won by Wayne C. of Parma, MI

31 Souls Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 15 Rifle Raffle II Second Prize of KaBar Knife was won by Tyler P. of West Branch, MI

Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield Commemorative Knife Raffle was won by Tom S. of Ft. Worth, TX

31 Souls - Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 15 Raffle was won by David Daerr of Fort Riley, KS

31 Souls - Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 15 Raffle Second Prize of a Knife was won by Jim Eng of De Pere WI

31 Souls and Head Down Rifle Package was won byRandy Pieper of Port Angeles, WA.

M-14 was won by Jay Ousterhout of Janesville, WI

Chuck Mawhinney Limited was won by Deb O. of Redwood City, CA



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